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Posted by Daniel Iannicelli on

What is a Big Box of Razors you might ask?  Why would I want to order a whole box of razors?

The idea for bulk packaged razors came to me after walking into a K-Mart and trying to buy some more Gillette Mach 3 refills.  Surely without them I wouldn't be able to shave.  The order came to 35$ for only a few blades.  I felt defeated.  Then I tried disposable razors. Most of them are terrible quality, feel lousy, and really really do not shave well. 

I believe other people are in this same predicament.  They want a quality shave for a cheaper price.  They are tired of overspending on razors.  

It took awhile to find a quality blade that is also on the cheaper side. Our razors are disposable. They are multiuse disposable blades that shave really well.  They are comfortable to handle and use.  They are solid.  

Instead of overtly trying to make more money on a refillable cartridge system, we decided to ship larger boxes of razors to customers. A box of 60 razors will last you over 4 months for only $25 bucks.  $25 dollars. This is a non-overpriced razor company.  I hope you give us a shot. Try a free sample. I promise you it's worth the savings.  



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