Environmental Impacts

Big Box of Razors understands the environmental impact of disposable razors on the oceans, landfills, and environment. We are actively investing in research and development into fully biodegradable razor blades.  

A portion of our profits are used to invest in the design and development of fully biodegradable and sustainable disposable razor blades. 

Despite the many challenges of plastics and the various environmental impacts, disposable razors are a necessity in a lot of industries including healthcare, hospitality, tattoo shops, and others where it is required to use a new razor on every patient or customer.  In these cases it is not cost effective for the various companies to purchase high end safety razors for a one time use. There are beneficial uses of disposable razors and recycling them properly must be a priority.

Big Box of Razors is working on a program for customers to ship old razors back to us to properly recycle.  We will be implementing a portion of this program in the middle of 2019.