Environmental Impacts

Big Box of Razors understands the environmental impact of disposable razors on the oceans, landfills, and environment. We are actively investing in research and development into fully biodegradable razor blades.  

A portion of our profits are used to invest in the design and development of fully biodegradable and sustainable disposable razor blades. We are currently selling a 35% Wheat Straw / 65% Plastic disposable razor that is a step in the direction toward fully biodegradable razor products. 

Despite the many challenges of plastics and the various environmental impacts, disposable razors are a necessity in a lot of industries including healthcare, hospitality, tattoo shops, and others where it is required to use a new razor on every patient or customer.  In these cases it is not cost effective for the various companies to purchase high end safety razors for a one time use. There are beneficial uses of one time use disposable razors and recycling them properly must be a priority. Wheat straw based products are a potential game changer if the entire handle can be made of wheat straw or recycled plastic materials. 



We are also using the Shopify App Planet, which helps reduce and offset carbon on every purchase. The Planet app takes a percentage of each order and helps fund solutions like reforestation and soil carbon storage that remove carbon for 10+ years.

Additionally, we are investing in three Research and Development programs for boosting the sustainability of Big Box of Razors. 

1- Sustain Shave Club - a separate brand focused on the biodegradable and partially biodegradable shaving supplies. SustainShaveClub.com. 

2 - 3D Printing - R&D of sustainable polymers made from starch-containing plants like corn, wheat-straw, sugarcane and seed oils such as soybean or other vegetable oils. This is very important for reducing the impact of large companies who use bulk razors such as Tattoo Shops and Hotels, etc. 

3 - Reuseable and Sustainable Products - such as our Boa Blade Six-Blade. This helps reduce plastic use over the long term. 

4- Enhanced Carbon Offsetting - Besides the Planet program initiated by Shopify, Big Box of Razors is looking into and researching carbon neutral shipment on all imported products and on all deliveries of supplies for the business. 

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