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Bulk Razors for a Great Price

At Big Box of Razors you can buy robust, resilient disposable razors in bulk for you or your customers.

Quality is key. Our razors compare with higher end brand disposables such as Gillette Good News blades and are perfect for many one-time shave applications. 

Bottom Line - Big Box of Razors offers hospitality quality disposable razors at a low price. 

Big Box for Business

Big Box of Razors specializes in bulk razor sales to businesses. Save Money with brandless high quality razors.

Excellent choice for Fitness Clubs, Golf Clubs, Tattoo Shops, Spas, Health Clubs, Cycling Clubs, Laser Hair Removal, Medspas, Healthcare, Hotels, Marketing Firms, and any other razor needs.  

Contact us at support@bigboxofrazors.com for more information including custom orders, deals, coupon codes, shipping options, and to discuss any questions you may have. 

Smooth and Comfortable Design

Our Smooth and Comfortable stainless steel two blade razors are sharp and we promise you will be surprised at how well they compare to high-end brand name razors.

Aloe Vera lubrication strip for an extremely smooth shave.

Rubber grip that helps control slipping when wet.

Shave for over a week with one razor. Stop paying for razor clubs and high-end brand name blades when you can use one box for an entire year.

Packaged in sets of 5 razors.