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Boa Blade Sustainable Razor Set - Six Blade - Ecofriendly by Sustain Shave Club

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Boa Blade Shaving Set - Six Blade Razor - from Sustain Shave Club

The Best Shave you will ever have and the most sustainable Razor on Earth. Save the planet while getting the best shave imaginable. 

Each Box Includes:

One Six Blade Sustain Shave Six Blade Razor. 

One Extra Six Blade Razor Cartridge. 

1 Bonus Biodegradable 35% Wheat Straw Partially Biodegradable Razors.

One Tree Planted via One Trillion Trees Initiative (1$ dollar value)

Includes Carbon Neutral Shipping (via Planet)

Includes Removing Atmospheric Carbon (via Planet)

Biodegradable Recycled Mailer

Recycled Paper Receipt and Label

Recycled Tape

Continuing Investment into reducing the plastic razor problem. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sustain Shave . com supports the production and development of a biodegradable solution to disposable razors. 

Current Goal to increase over next several years until we have (100% Wheat Straw Razor) (The metal blade will always need to be recycled)