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The New Age of Online Razors

Posted by Daniel Iannicelli on

The New Age of Online Razors has begun.  There are now multiple sites online selling razors to various groups of customers.  

Dollar Shave Club sells to any shaver out there and for a decent price.  They have subscription plans where customers get blades delivered every month. 

This model has expanded to other companies as well such as Harry's and ShaveMob. These companies are all running on a razors delivered monthly model. 

There is a missing component of these subscription models.  What about the mass of people who buy disposable razors?  What about the hotels and tattoo shops who use thousands of razors daily?  

Big Box of Razors is a quality bulk razor blade venture offering cheaper multiple sized boxes of razor blades. These box sizes range from 40 to 1,000 razors per box. The costs of most razor blades are incredibly high compared to the actual manufacturers' cost of the product. The true cost of a disposable razor is around 50 cents. It can cost us anywhere between $20 and $30 dollars just to shave the hair from our faces or legs. The question is why are razor blades so expensive?

Big Box of Razors is the newest business model throwing a monkey wrench into the established razor blade industry. The new venture sells quality bulk razor blades. "For a box of 60 blades you are only going to pay 25$," says founder Dan Iannicelli. That is only 40 cents per blade. "Do you really need a fancy razor? I'm betting that people would rather use a quality razor for an affordable cost."

Now the public can get bulk razors affordably. Are people buying into this new razor brand? Dennis Nave says, “It just made sense. It got the job done for a fraction of the cost. There really was no decision to make.”

If you already use disposable razors, then these are a no brainer.  They are better than Gillette and all other disposables. 

This is why we are giving away 5 free samples to try. This gives all of our potential customers the ability to try our high quality disposable for free. Just cover the postage for $2.54.  


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