Use Coupon Code BULK20 for 20% off any order!
Use Coupon Code BULK20 for 20% off any order!
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Finally, Affordable Razor Blades

There has been a monumental shift in a stagnant razor blade market over the last 5 years or so.  Online razor sales have exploded, coupled with a bunch of clone copies of various shave clubs.  

The obvious problem was simple, these shave clubs were still wasting your hard earned money.  Monthly subscriptions?  15$ blades? High up-charges?  Sounds like a teaching an old dog new tricks.  

The best part of Big Box of Razors is the absolute value that you get without expensive up-charging and increased blade costs.  In reality, you are getting the same quality blades for a monumentally cheaper price.  You will find no frills with the box, no extravagant themes or gimmicks here.  This all works its way into the value of saving you money. 

 Razor Blades Disposable

One box of 60 razors will last over a year, for a cost of $25. There is no where online that you can get any sort of deal like that.  So, finally, there is actually a place where you can get affordable AND quality disposable razor blades. 

Razor blades are expensive. Enter our contest and relieve yourself of that excessive cost for a whole year!  Enter our contest today to win a free box of 100 disposable razors. This is a great deal that you can't pass up.  Open to US residents only.  Contest ends June 30th 2016.  Enter today buy going to the following link:

Currently, we have a promotional partnership with Cremo Cream and you will get a sample of the great shaving cream in every bag or box.  Future promotional items will also be included.  

That's it everyone.  Try Big Box of Razors for no frills, quality blades.  Take 10% off any order with Coupon Code - BULLETIN


~Dan Iannicelli - BBOR

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